Just For Laughs Gags – Season 9 – Episode 6

June 10, 2012 0

Sunday special time! Today, the funniest full episode of all time for ever! Actually not really – but it’s quite funny anyway.

Here’s what you’ll see in this prank:
Bleeding Jesus Prank
Family Only Parking Prank
Old Woman Pushes Police Officer Into Lake!
Credit Card Cutting Machine Prank
Human Pyramid Photo Fail
Crazy Jealous Wife
Plush Toy Thief
Human Zoo Prank
Freak Long Arm Prank
Burning Iron Prank
Girl Mechanic Prank
Magic Microwave Shrinks Pizza
Something Or Other Mystery Golf Kart Prank I Can’t Find The Title To
Funniest Japanese Girls Prank

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*EXTREME CAUTION: individual prank names might differ from previous uploads. If they do, do not jump out of your window! Take a deep breath, and think really hard about what went wrong in your life that made such trivial things seem so important to you.